Lauren Henschel is a senior at Duke University studying Visual Media Studies, Documentary Film, and Cultural Anthropology. She is a passionate documentary artist with holistic cinematographic skills accentuated by her ability to portray stories in an empathetic way and positively impact the lives of others. As a filmmaker and photographer, her experiences include producing films of high profile artists for Myspace, documenting the lives of the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua, and creating a documentary about a young woman’s battle with cancer that was prominently featured by influential non-profit organizations such as Stand Up 2 Cancer.


Her current body of work, Indelible, which was previously displayed at Carnegie Hall, is an art installation piece combining still images, audio narratives, and video footage to present anonymous stories of individuals with scars and the manifestation of that pain on the human body. Lauren’s own experience with psoriatic arthritis, a debilitating genetic autoimmune disease, inspired her to create Indelible, where she used art to turn her soul outward. Her cathartic exploration of pain takes place through the lens of her camera. Lauren’s intention is to create a platform through which individuals can explore the intersection between pain and empathy, allowing them to take a deeper look at how they view the pain of others and how they process their own.

In addition to her success in the documentary field, Lauren was one of the founding members and current co-editor-in-chief of The Bite, Duke’s premiere food publication. Lauren has also worked with the National Psoriasis Foundation to raise millions of dollars for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and created her own non-profit to help children come to terms with their illness. Her passion for traveling the world and connecting with new individuals stokes the creative fire for her craft, and provides a stage for her innate ability to translate her life-long inner struggle with pain and suffering into accessible art for others.